High-performance PASMO S111 catch on quickly in Shanghai International Baking Exhibition





International Baking Exhibition integrates product display, procurement and trade matching, brings together authoritative domestic industry

associations and media, and has professional purchaser from more than 100 countries and regions to attend the exhibition. It is an annual

event that cannot be absent in the bakery industry.




Pasmo's most innovative product, the Performance Monster S111, shone at the 22nd Shanghai International Baking Exhibition in 2019.

Pasmo S111 has the most advanced hardware configuration of PASMO soft ice cream machine series so far. With the circulating heating

system as the core, PASMO S111 is equipped with zero-contact scraper, with the highest overrun rate up to 80%, which can produce

ice cream with delicate taste similar to cake cream.The output per hour (80g per one) exceeded 400, and the refrigeration time of the

first cylinder was shortened to 5 minutes. Standby function, micro-heating automatic defrost function, pasteurization function and other

powerful functions, making ice cream easy to make.




The Pasmo exhibition hall attracted a large number of customers.




Professional team to provide patient and detailed explanation.




The site consultation is very hot, the interpretation of the Pasmo staff attracted the attention of customers from all over the world.