Accessories and Services


1. Our Services

The service we provide to all customers starts before you descide to buy our equipments and will continue if you keep using our ice cream machines. We will provide ice cream solutions according to your requests, and provide customer support services in a timely manner. Our service department provides services for the whole week and the service hotline is 400-7576-999. We have experienced technicians to answer your calls at any time to help you solve the equipment problems, maintain and use the machine correctly, as well as provide remote training. We have customers spread around the world. No matter where you are or in which corner of the world, we will provide you with high-quality services through Pasmo Food Technology Company, as well as our excellent importers, direct distributors and partners. All our partners are awarded a certificate by our company after the specialized technical training. We are confident to provide our customers with the best service system!

2. Accessories

Thank you very much for choosing Pasmo series ice cream equipment. What you have purchased is not only a soft serve ice cream machine, but also a series of our services. Our goal is to provide our users with high-quality soft ice cream machine as well as the timely and excellent customer experience at a reasonable price. We promise that you will not only be satisfied with the ic cream machine we provide, but also have a quality customer service experience in the subsequent parts provision and communication with our after-sales department. Customer service hotline: 400-7576-999

3. Training

Training as our service emphasis is one of the keys to our service for customers. We are very careful when providing services to customers in every stage. Whether it is remote training or offline training, we will provide a customized and professional operational steps for customers based on their raw materials via all reasonal resources, so as to ensure the best use condition of the machine.

4. Purchase and Customization of Peripheral Products

In order to better meet the promotion needs of our customers, development and customization of peripheral products is listed as another emphasis of our services. From disposable products such as ice cream cups and spoons to large ice cream models, we have a series of products for you to choose from, and we will provide you with a richer product line and customized services by using all reasonal resouces.

5.Material downloading

6. Enterprise Cooperation